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      Online Collection Library Donation
      Early April

      Author:Huang Shaoqiang


      Category:Chinese painting


      Year of Collection:1997

      Author's Profile
      Huang Shaoqiang

      Huang Shaoqiang (1901 - 1942), also known as Huang Shaoyi, was from Nanhai, Guangdong. He learned from Gao Qifeng and Gao Jianfu in succession. He taught at the Foshan City Arts Institute, Nanhai Normal University, Guangzhou City Arts College in 1927 and involved in founding Lingnan Arts School. In 1935, he founded private arts schools and associations in Guangzhou to develop young painters. During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, he held during the anti-Japanese exhibitions and donated incomes for the resistance against Japanese aggression. In 1938, he founded Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts in Hong Kong to teach students. In 1939, he co-founded Shuihan Society with Painters Ye Shaobing and He Qiyuan, etc. in Hong Kong. After that, he began to teach students at home. During that period, the topic of most of his works was about the fate of country and people and sympathy on the underprivileged. He authored Author of Zhilu Poems on Paintings and Shaoqiang Art Gallery, etc.