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      Space 7 - Youth Academic Nomination Exhibition of Guangdong Museum of Art · First Round

      Entry Time: 2017-10-24

      Running Wildly at Night -- Exhibition of Lin Yusi's Drawings
      Exhibition Date: October 24 - November 10, 2017
      Location: Hall 7 of Guangdong Museum of Art
      Organizer: Guangdong Museum of Art 
      Artistic Director: Wang Shaoqiang
      Curator: Chen Dong
      Project Manager: Peng Cheng, Pan Qingsen
      Visual Design: Lu Shan  
      Exhibition Design: Li Xi, Yuan Ximing
      Promotion: Liang Jie
      Lin Yusi (born in Guangdong in 1978) is an outstanding Chinese brush painter, who attended national exhibitions of Chinese paintings and Chinese brush paintings and won awards for many times. His personal album "Collection of Yusi" was published by the People‘s Fine Arts Publishing House in 2007.
      Lin Yusi is fond with Chinese classical myths and legends and likes Chinese classical literature such as the Strange Stories and the Anecdotes about Spirits and Immortals. Since 2016, he has used his night time to create a series of small white sketches that capture his curiosity and love of mysterious and unknown things such as monks and monsters.
      For Lin Yusi, the unique painting form of "white sketch" is an "alpine" painting that "does not apply color but is brilliant." In his works of white sketches, the lines of "Ancient Silk Touring" and "Cloud Flowing Water" are full of charm and rich expressiveness. The graceful and magical world of the immortal beings and animals shows the artist's extraordinary art with the rich images of leisurely immortal monks, slender and elegant dress streamers, wandering clouds and rolling waves of vast waves. Imagination.
      Guangdong Art Museum has been committed to the research and promotion of contemporary cutting-edge young artists. The exhibition is the first exhibition of "Space 7 - Youth Art Nomination Exhibition of Guangdong Museum of Art" series, featuring 116 small sketch works of young artist Lin Yusi, which are divided into "Exotic", "Mystery", "Human" These three sections present the artist's deep fascination with the traditions and cultural traditions of Chinese painting.

      Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays),No admission after 16:30


      Address: 38 Yanyu Road, Ersha Island, Yuexu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

      Tel: 020-87351468

      Free Admission: Audiences may visit by presenting valid certificate

      Group Visit: Please make reservation by telephone two days in advance for any group with more than 10 people and visit the Museum at the agreed time by producing the confirmation message.


      Exhibition works
      Beautiful Mistakes 1 of Lin Yusi, 23cm x 17.5cm, Chinese Ink on Paper, 2016
      Exhibition works
      Talking Myths 62 of Lin Yusi, 23cm x 17.5cm, Chinese Ink on Paper, 2017
      Exhibition works
      Human World 22 of Lin Yusi, 23cm x 17.5cm, Chinese Ink on Paper, 2016
      Exhibition works