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      Education Activities of The 13th Guangdong Art Festival

      Entry Time: 2017-11-17


      New Media Interactions
      1. WeChat guide: Scan QR codes for information about art works and artists.

      2. Photo Album App: Conveniently browse, save and share the exhibited works.

      + Open the WeChat program to scan the QR code of the APP to enter the “Photo Album of Guangdong Museum of Art”.

      Navigation of Activities

      Workshops for artistic experience
      Lingnan Impression—Workshop for Woodblock Printing Experience
      1.Volunteer Training Session

      Time:  October 21, 2017 (all day)
      + This session is limited to members of Volunteer Team of Guangdong Museum of Art.
      Click here for the photo album
      2.Public Experience Session
      Time: 9:30am—11:30am & 2:30pm—4:30pm on November 26, 2017 and December 2, 2017 
      Venue: Public Education Area in the Exhibition Hall on the 3rd floor
      +This session is for people over 4 years old. No need for registration in advance. Just come and join us. Limited materials, while stocks last. Offers of materials subject to availability, while stocks last.
      The Way I Look— Workshop for Non-Visual Sculpture Art Experience
      1.Session for Sighted People
      Time: 9: 00am —12: 00am on November 18, 2017 (Saturday) 
      Venue: Conference Room and aisles in Humanity and Literary Library, Guangdong Museum of Art 
      + This session is limited to people over the age of 16. Registration is required.
      2.Session for Blind Children
      Time: 9: 00am —12: 00am on November 25, 2017 (Saturday)
      Venue: Guangzhou Qiming School
      +This session is for blind children only, not open to the public.
      Workshop for Practicing Techniques of Adding Water and Powder to Traditional Chinese Painting
      Lecturer: Yang Minsi, Gao Jie, Zhou Xiaoying
      Time: 10: 00am —17: 00 pm on December 3, 2017 (Sunday)
      Venue: Conference Room and aisles in Humanity and Literary Library, Guangdong Museum of Art
      + This activity is for people over the age of 16. No need for registration. The workshop is free of charge. Lunch on your own.